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    Is There Something More Radical than MAGA? J.D. Vance Is Dreaming It.
    he was once a favorite of the right.
    now, mike pence can’t get a crowd of 15 to a pizza ranch
    some free legal advice for donald trump, from the jury experts

    Twitter Gave Us an Indispensable Real-Time News Platform. X Took It Away.
    The State Superintendent at the Forefront of the GOP’s Education Crusade
    30 Things Joe Biden Did as President You Might Have Missed
    A Massive Baseball-Gambling Scandal Is Brewing.
    But Sports Betting Has Already Exploded — and Congress Couldn’t Care Less.
    The Government Really Is Spying On You — And It’s Legal
    America’s election chiefs are worried AI is coming for them
    Where do GOP candidates stand on the issues? See for yourself.

    In on the Joke: The Comedic Trick Trump Uses to Normalize His Behavior
    i read mike johnson’s legal filings. they reveal a distinctive pattern
    She Immigrated Legally. She Married a U.S. Citizen.
    But She Was Denied Citizenship for Working in Legal Cannabis.
    Public Christian schools? Leonard Leo’s allies advance a new cause
    ‘Tons of Crazy’: The Inside Story of How Fox Fell for the ‘Big Lie’
    Which 2028 Presidential Wannabe Had the Best Year?
    Joe Biden Has A Dean Phillips-Rashida Tlaib Problem
    8 tips for the debate stage from a body language expert
    The Bogus Historians Who Teach Evangelicals They Live in a Theocracy
    The West is on a world tour against Huawei
    Fresh revelations contradict Joe Biden’s sweeping denials on Hunter

    A Texas Judge’s Decision Could Reduce Abortion Access … Again
    What Americans Really Think About Abortion
    How Overturning Roe Could Change The Way Americans Think About Abortion
    What Happens If North Carolina Bans Abortion? Or Ohio? Or Florida?
    The Real Dividing Line On Abortion
    Will Arizona’s Abortion Laws Go Back To The 1800s?
    What Americans Can Expect If Abortion Pills Become Their Only Safe Option
    Overturning Roe v. Wade Could Make Maternal Mortality Even Worse
    It Can Already Take Weeks To Get An Abortion

    How 2022 Was A Win For Democracy
    The Rise, Fall And Potential Resurrection Of Ron DeSantis
    What I Got Wrong In 2022
    What We Know About Trump’s Legal Troubles
    Why Some Lesbian, Gay And Bisexual Americans Are Loyal To The GOP
    How The Two-Party System Obscures The Complexity Of Black Americans’ Politics
    Biden Is (Still) Leading Cable News Coverage
    What’s Behind Senate Republicans’ Hesitancy Toward Same-Sex Marriage?
    How The National Enquirer Covered Trump In The ’90s
    Why Being ‘Anti-Media’ Is Now Part Of The GOP Identity
    Congressional Republicans Left Office In Droves Under Trump. Just How Conservative Are Their Replacements?
    GOP Politicians Are Much More Resistant To Gun Control Than GOP Voters Are
    Confederate Statues Were Never Really About Preserving History
    How Trump Has Redefined Conservatism
    The Voters Who Don’t Like Trump Or Biden
    Over 40 Percent Of Americans Now Rate Gun Violence As 
    A Top Issue
    What If The House Of Representatives Had More Than 435 Seats?
    How The Politics Of White Liberals And White Conservatives Are Shaped By Whiteness
    How Americans — 
    And Democratic Candidates — Feel About Letting Felons Vote
    How We’re Tracking Joe Biden’s Approval Rating
    First It Was Sex Ed. 
    Now It’s Critical Race Theory.
    How The Post Office Became A Political Football
    1968 Isn’t The Only 
    Parallel For This 
    Political Moment
    Conservatives Are Bringing An Old Policy to A New Fight Over Public Schools
    Political Confessional:
    The Man Who Thinks Mass Surveillance Can Work
    America Isn’t Really Set Up For Third-Party Presidential Bids
    It Will Be Tough For Biden To Reverse Trump’s Legacy Of A Whiter, More Conservative Judiciary
    How Black Americans Reshaped Politics In Georgia
    Police Are Killing Fewer People In Big Cities, But More In Suburban And Rural America 
    The Supreme Court’s Right Turn Goes Way Beyond Guns And Abortion
    Meet 6 Democrats Of Color Who Want To See Their Party Change
    Conspiracy Theories Can’t Be Stopped
    What If Trump Loses And Won’t Leave?
    What Pollsters Have Changed Since 2016 — And What Still Worries Them About 2020
    Is College Worth It?
    Voters Are Split.
    How Hatred Came To Dominate American Politics
    Our Presidential Primary System Is An Accident
    How The Modern Primary System Has Shaped Our Politics
    There Has To Be A Better Way To Pick Presidential Nominees … Right?
    Most Americans Think House Republicans Aren’t Investigating Real Problems
    How FiveThirtyEight’s 2018 Midterm Forecasts Did
    the lasting legacy of redlining
    How Popular Is Joe Biden?
    Political Confessional: 
    I Think Private Schools Should Be Banned
    Musicians Are Suffering Without Concerts To Play
    Everyone Knows Money Influences Politics …
    Except Scientists
    Don’t Expect A Quick Recovery. Our Survey Of Economists Says It Will Likely Take Years.
    Trump Has Made U.S. Policy Much More Resistant To Immigration — Without The Wall
    The Death Of Polling Is Greatly Exaggerated
    Many Americans Are Convinced Crime Is Rising In The U.S. They’re Wrong.
    The Perks Workers Want Also Make Them More Productive
    How To Watch The Midterms: An Hour-By-Hour Guide
    What Absentee Voting Looked Like In All 50 States
    Why Revoking Trump’s Executive Orders Isn’t Enough To Undo Their Effects
    Why The Republican Party Isn’t Rebranding After 2020
    How A Supreme Court Ruling Could Supercharge Republicans’ Advantages In The States
    What Our Inbox Tells Us About How Democrats Are Tackling Trump
    How ‘Never Trumpers’ Crashed The Democratic Party
    Everything You Need To Know About The 2019 Elections
    How To Read Polls In 2020
    Few States Are Prepared To Switch To Voting By Mail.  That Could Make For A Messy Election.
    The Worst Tweeter In Politics Isn’t Trump
    The 2020 Endorsement Primary
    How The Frost Belt And Sun Belt Illustrate The Complexity Of America’s Urban-Rural Divide
    Why Bipartisanship In The Senate Is Dying
    Why Pennsylvania’s Vote Count Could Change After Election Night
    Universities Say They Want More Diverse Faculties. So Why Is Academia Still So White?
    Our Best Tool For Predicting Midterm Elections Doesn’t Show A Republican Wave
    Fact-Checking Misinformation Can Work. But It Might Not Be Enough.
    What Might Democrats’ Voting Rights Bill Entail?
    All The Elections To Watch In 2021
    The Louisiana Governor’s Race Looks Really Close
    How Much Longer Can This Era Of Political Gridlock Last?
    Yes, 2023 Is An Election Year. Here Are The Races To Watch.
    Democrats Are Winning The Fundraising Race In The Senate
    Can Democrats Win On Immigration Policy In 2020?
    Biden Is Polling Better Than Clinton At Her Peak
    Americans Were Already Primed To Distrust Elections. Then Came Iowa.
    What Went Down During Joe Biden’s Inauguration
    Why Four Pivotal Swing States Likely Won’t Be Called On Election Night
    Biden Is Running For Reelection. What Are His Chances For 2024?
    What Does It Mean If Republicans Won’t Debate?
    Our New Polling Averages Show Biden Leads Trump By 9 Points Nationally
    North Carolina Is Already Rejecting Black Voters’ Mail-In Ballots More Often Than White Voters’
    Why Did Republicans Outperform The Polls Again? Two Theories.
    So You Think You Can Explain The Election
    Final Election Update:
    The Forecast Is More Or Less Back Where It Started
    What We Know About Crises And Domestic Violence — And What That Could Mean For COVID-19
    How 13 Rejected States Would Have Changed The Electoral College
    Which Senators And Representatives Vote In Favor Of Democracy?
    What If Democrats — Or Republicans — Had Won Every Redistricting Battle?
    What ‘The Squad’ Tells Us About Progressives’ Ability To Win Voters Of Color
    The Narrow Path For Black Politicians Who Want To Be President — And How It’s Changing
    The 4 Political Neighborhoods Of Chicago
    Why A Trump-Led Third Party Is Unlikely
    How Trump Changed America
    When Proof Is Not Enough
    Tracking Every Presidential Candidate’s TV Ad Buys
    Who Gets To Be A ‘Real American’ Has Always Been About Exclusion
    No Terrorist Is A
    ‘Lone Wolf’
    What If We Already Have The Mueller Report?
    The CDC Is Publishing Unreliable Data On Gun Injuries. People Are Using It Anyway.

    The Big Lie’s Long Shadow
    Reflections On The Insurrection
    We’re Misunderstanding What Caused Jan. 6
    Where Candidates Who Deny The 2020 Election Results Are On The Ballot — And Where They Could Win
    There Is More Than One Big Lie
    Jan. 6’s Tangled Web Of Extremism
    Why QAnon Has Attracted So Many White Evangelicals
    Why It’s So Hard To Gauge Support For QAnon

    Did Your Appearance Become An Issue?
    How Did Media Talk About Your Gender?
    The Way Most States Elect Candidates Isn’t Very Good for Women
    To understand what it’s really like to try and win an election as a woman, we spoke to women from every state who have done it
    What’s The Worst Sexism You Experienced In Politics?
    In General, Are American Voters Sexist?
    What Advice Would You Give To Women Running Today?